Lilly & her Mummy

Lily looking festive in her Christmas Jumper!

Lilly’s Mum died of stomach cancer on New Year’s Day when Lilly was just 6 years old. It was the hardest time in Lilly’s life, to see her vibrant, joyful, funny Mum so poorly and unable to enjoy Christmas – her favourite time of year.

Both Lilly and her Mum had a lot of support from Primrose Hospice and Family Support Centre. For Mum, it was about helping her to understand her condition, manage her symptoms and the practicalities of caring for her. For Lilly though, it was the support from the Primrose Hospice Family Support Team that really made the difference.

“Going to the hospice is scary at first, but once you are there you do lots of fun activities and make friends. Jenny and Heather really know how to talk to you to make you feel good, they understand how you are feeling.

I still have some of the things I made at Primrose Hospice, like the tree of support picture. It reminds me of all the people that cared for me and are there to support me. It’s really helpful on difficult days.”

Lilly has lots of great memories of her wonderful Mum, like the time at Disneyland when they took on a rollercoaster that was much scarier than they expected! But, her best Christmas memory is when Lilly and her Auntie Rachel sneaked their favourite Christmas dinner and a naughty glass of Baileys upstairs to make sure that, even though Mum was so poorly they could all enjoy one last Christmas together.

Every year Lilly loves to take part in the Primrose Hospice Santa Fun Run in memory of her Mum, who loved Christmas and this year will be no exception!

Lily and her Auntie Rachel