Giving something back

Sandra Burford touched many hearts at the Primrose Hospice and her story is a wonderful example of how Hospice care means so much more.

Sandra was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in July 2017. The Primrose supported Sandra from diagnosis to her passing on 21st May 2018 and continue to support the whole family.

During her time at the Primrose Sandra mentioned she would love to be involved in a big sing along so at our Christmas fayre we arranged for this to happen, take a look at the video here. The result was fantastic, with a group of people all singing along to All You Need Is Love.

Sandra’s Son was due to get married in 2018, but as Sandra knew she wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding, Primrose organised a pre-wedding blessing at the Hospice which made a dream come true for Sandra.

Being able to feel part of her Son’s wedding meant the world to Sandra. A service was conducted by the Hospice Chaplain Keith Judson and followed by a mini wedding party with tea and cake.

Since Sandra passed, the family have wanted to give something back to the Primrose, knowing they are giving a little back in appreciation for all that has been done has helped the family enormously.

The family are now selling copies of Sandra’s diary which documents her first ever visit to the Primrose where she ‘felt at home’ and able to be herself with the proceeds coming to the Primrose.