Children & Young People

The Primrose Children and Young Person’s Team sits within the Family Support Team at Primrose Hospice.

We offer support…

When a family member has a life-limiting illness

At Primrose Hospice we are aware of the impact on children, young people and family members when a loved one is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. Children and young people are found to experience increased levels of anxiety, distress and low mood and are at risk of becoming disengaged with education, socially withdrawn and facing a world filled with uncertainty.

We understand how difficult it can be talking to children and young people about these conditions. Our Children and Young People’s team is here to help. We can provide specialist support and advice to help them and guide you.

When someone special has died

We understand that, whether sudden or expected, the death of a family member will have a greater impact on families than most other life events. We are also aware that grief is both necessary and normal and needs to be acknowledged.

Children don’t always have the language or understanding to express how they feel. We understand that helping children to find creative and safe ways in which to express their feelings after someone special dies is hugely important, as is the ability to listen to their experience and story in relation to the death.

We know that children and young people can be helped to feel comfortable expressing feelings and thoughts associated with grief and that with the right support they can heal, develop and grow into resilient young adults.

We can offer:
  • One-to-one or family assessments to identify the emotional needs of families experiencing the illness or anticipated death of a loved one
  • Help to ensure the family are more prepared for bereavement, enabling open communication among children and parents
  • Support when someone has died around healthy grieving and coping strategies either one-to-one, or as a family
  • Working alongside schools to support the child and their family
  • Group work, both with children and families, including face to face groups, activity days and virtual groups
  • Feelings work to help identify and understand emotions
  • Memory work to help keep a connection to the person who has died
How can I make a referral?

If you would like further information regarding our referral criteria or would like to make a referral please contact Primrose Hospice Coppice Centre on:

Direct Children’s Team phone number: 01527 889797

Family Support Centre phone number: 01527 889799


To accept a referral we would require the following information:

  • Name of Child
  • DOB
  • Address
  • GP
  • Parent/Carer’s name
  • Brief information regarding the child’s situation
  • Referrer’s details

Please note:

  • Parents/carers must be aware of the referral
  • We aim to make initial contact with the family within 10 working days
  • Children can be assessed with their family or on their own.

Through assessment we will establish what support is most appropriate: one to one support or group support or a combination

Support can be offered at the Coppice Centre located at Primrose Hospice, in school or in the community as appropriate.

Below are some book recommendations from our team to share with Children and Young People:

Book recommendations – Bereavement

Book recommendations – Feelings

Eleanor is our Young Ambassador who has received support from Primrose Hospice due to her father having Huntington’s Disease.
You can read more about Eleanor’s story here.





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