Benefits Advice

The Family Support team at Primrose Hospice can provide you and your family with benefits advice.

There are lots of worries people with life-limiting conditions and their families might experience. These can include concerns about money and employment. To ease the burden, at Primrose Hospice we are not just able to help with emotional support and healthcare but also with more practical issues.

Our Family Support has a benefits advice element which offers patients advice and information. It is designed to be flexible to accommodate an individual person’s needs which includes giving advice at home, in the hospice or over the telephone.

Patients can be supported through benefits, housing, employment, debt and bereavement issues.

An assessment can be carried out to ensure that the patient is receiving all the benefits they are entitled to. The Benefits Adviser is also on hand to assist with applications to local and national charitable institutions.

If you are interested in accessing Benefits advice, please contact our team:

T: 01527 889799


Our team have provided some quick links to resources you may find helpful in answering your questions.

Please do contact our team using the above details to discuss what may be availble to you and your family.

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