Day Hospice

Day Hospice is open from Tuesday to Thursday and offers a mixture of social groups and twelve week programmes aimed at helping patients not only manage their illness and symptoms but also achieve goals.

The twelve week programmes run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 10:30am- 1:30pm. Patients normally attend on a set day each week (either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

During the twelve week program patients and where appropriate the person supporting them at home have the opportunity to learn techniques to help manage feelings of extreme tiredness, relax, meditate, prevent falls and undertake gentle exercise. A light lunch is also provided free of charge. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

There’s room for up to 15 people each day, all groups are warm and friendly and welcome new members. Hot and cold drinks are provided free of charge.

How do I make a referral?

To access Day Hospice a referral is needed, this can be made by your GP, Consultant, District Nurse or any other health care professional involved in your care. You can also refer yourself by completing our self-referral form here or you can call Primrose Hospice and ask to speak to the triage nurse. T: 01527 871051

Once a referral has been received we will contact you by phone and discuss your needs, we will also explain what services are available at Primrose Hospice and Family Support Centre. If you feel Day Hospice would be helpful we will invite you to come and meet a member of the nursing team at Primrose Hospice to discuss any goals you may have and talk to you about the benefits you may gain from attending Day Hospice.

By attending Day Hospice you have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms and any concerns you may have with nursing staff, we can also arrange for you to see the Consultant in Palliative Medicine, or another member of the clinical team for example our physiotherapist or occupational therapist. You may also be offered complementary therapies or well being services.

You will have the opportunity, in your own time and at your own pace, to ask any questions and discuss any worries or concerns you may have about the future.

For some of our Day Hospice activities the person supporting you at home is very welcome to join us. We also offer the opportunity for the person supporting you to stay and enjoy a drink and chat with a member of our team.

Like most Day Hospice Units, we do discharge patients, normally at the end of a 12-week placement. We see this as a positive process for patients who are well, or whose disease is stable, and who no longer need this particular service. Discharge will always be discussed with you and we will work with you to put alternative sources of support in place where possible. Should your needs change after discharge you can be referred back to Day Hospice.

Patients who have a neurological diagnosis can access clinical services based at Primrose Hospice. The care and support required by patients with a neurological condition is however often highly specialised and therefore the team will work closely with members of the regional and local specialist neurological services to ensure patients receive the best care possible.


We encourage people to make their own way to Primrose Hospice but if this isn’t possible, we are able to offer transport to and from Day Hospice thanks to our team of volunteer drivers. However, if you are unable to get in or out of a car without help, we may need to arrange ambulance transport to bring you.

Many people attending Day Hospice say that the greatest benefit of all is the opportunity to meet and talk to others in similar situations as themselves, sharing concerns, stories, hints and tips.

We do understand that coming to Day Hospice may feel very scary but we can reassure you that we are a very friendly team who are here to support you and your family. If you would like to discuss Day Hospice further, please do contact Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre on 01527 871051 and ask to speak to a member of the nursing team.