10 October 2024

Take part in the Primrose Hospice Firewalk and find your fire within.

Join us and others on Thursday 10th October at 6pm to take on a unique experience and raise vital funds for Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre.

Our Firewalk costs £25pp and we ask you to raise £100 in sponsorship.

What can you expect?

The Firewalk will happen at Primrose Hospice on Thursday 10th October at 6pm. Our participants will take part in an interactive workshop designed to prepare them for the Firewalk by helping them to accept and embrace fear, overcome limiting beliefs and promote well-being.

Once ready each participant will take on the challenge of walking over the hot coals in our gorgeous garden.

After the walk, Firewalk participants return indoors to the workshop space to share experiences. We will have a group photo and give out certificates to each participant.

It’s not uncommon to have people that have an emotional response, whether extreme joy or relief. The Firewalk team are trained in helping participants, whatever emotions may come up.

The teaching is the fire.

If we do not challenge ourselves we will never understand and reach our true potential.

The fire is a place where shared experience encourages bonding, new found friendships and partnerships. A place to overcome challenges and fears together, to grow and learn together, with mutual support and encouragement from those around you.

Sign up today to take on this incredible personal challenge, in aid of Primrose Hospice.

Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre offer care and advice to patients living with a life-limiting illness and support families in the Northeast Worcestershire area.

As an independent charity, we rely on the support of individuals and businesses to help us raise the £1.95 million needed each year for us to provide our services free to our local community.

Thank you for your support.