The Children’s Team Outdoor Adventure

The Children’s Team recently enjoyed an exciting trip to Blackwell Outdoor Adventure to celebrate the end of their most recent Primrose Young People’s Support (P.Y.P.S) program.

P.Y.P.S is a seven-session bereavement group that runs fortnightly which helps provide creative and safe ways for children to express their feelings. These sessions cover a range of topics such as coping strategies, dealing with emotions and sharing memories. Alongside this, parents are invited to attend to share concerns and learn how to best support their child.

As part of the group’s visit to Blackwell, the team and their families were able try a variety of outdoor activities like archery and grass sledging, finishing the evening together with a picnic tea.

One parent described the outing as: “Brilliantly friendly and calm support allowing both children and myself to express anything without being judged.”

Sophie one of our Children and Family Workers said: “We visited Blackwell on our final PYPS session to help the young people enjoy being together as a group for the last time and reflect on everything they had achieved. They all had a great time being kids together, knowing of their shared experiences, and doing exciting activities that pushed them out of their comfort zones. We can’t wait to go back again for future groups!”

This final session at Blackwell Outdoor Adventure provided a positive ending to these sessions, a chance for families to celebrate the last few months, have fun, build resilience and enjoy the great outdoors!

If you or someone you know would like to know more about our Children and Young People’s Support visit our website here or contact us using the details below:

01527 889799