Palliative Care Physiotherapy aims to provide advice and support to those with life-limiting illnesses.

This support aims to maximise patients’ independence and optimise quality of life through therapeutic assessment, goal setting and delivering an evidence-based treatment programme.

Primrose Hospice’s therapy programmes are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and support their personal goals; empowering them to adapt to any changes that may occur, remain as independent and functionally active as possible and embrace living well.

Physiotherapy intervention aims to help you live more comfortably at home by providing education, advice/strategies and aids to promote activities of daily living, along with movement and exercise, relaxation and mobility work.

Interventions may include:

  • Managing breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue
  • Improving range of motion and muscle strength
  • Progressing mobility and exercise tolerance
  • Improving balance – balance exercise programme
  • Functional assessment at Day Hospice or home
  • Advice & support with specific components of daily activities
  • Provision of mobility aids
  • Referral to appropriate community services as required

Our therapist work closely with the Multi-Disciplinary Team within the hospice and community services, including family and carers where possible.

If you or a loved one could benefit from our Physiotherapy support you can make a referral here.

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T: 01527 871051


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