Meet Steffi…

“I’ve been a carer for an ill loved one, and seen the effects it has on the whole family, not just the individual. I had to become an expert in a medical condition I knew nothing about overnight, I had to give up all of my free time to support someone. Places like Primrose Hospice give you the information you need, answer your questions and give you some much needed respite.”

The next ‘Primrose Person’ we are going to be hearing from is Steffi Price, who received support from Primrose Hospice and was part of our fantastic fundraising team. We spoke to her about what it’s like to work at Primrose Hospice and why it’s a vital resource in our community. You can listen to or read her words below…


Steffi has always worked in extremely busy hospitality roles, involving lots of hours, leaving her not much time for anything else. In 2021 her partner sadly died – she then took a break from her day to day job to revaluate what she thought was important. She knew she wanted a more flexible work life balance, meaning she could spend more time with friends and family but she also wanted to make sure everything she did with her time was worthwhile.

My favourite thing about working at Primrose Hospice is the people. Not just my team who are really fun and supportive, but also the volunteers and the clients, people speak to.
I have two moments which stand out for me from my time working at Primrose Hospice. Recently, on a campaign we ran called Letterbox Love I had the pleasure of working with one of our volunteers who had a similar experience to me. He’s very passionate about our cause, and also understood exactly where I was coming from. It was a great day to spend with someone who you can just be yourself with.
Another moment I had, was when a supporter called to make a donation and after speaking to him for a couple of minutes, I could tell something wasn’t quite right. So I asked him if we could do anything else and he explained that his wife had died a few years ago and had been struggling since. So now with all communication, I make sure I check in on him and I get responses and I know that it means something to him that we’re out here.”

After experiencing Primrose Hospice from both a client and employee point of view we asked her, how would you encourage people to visit Primrose?

“I would say ignore the word hospice; it gives people a sense of sadness and coming to the end. Primrose Hospice isn’t like that at all. When you’re here there’s a real sense of fun, community and support. Obviously, there is a serious reason why people are here but everyone understands that as well, so it doesn’t have to be the main focus.”

At Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre we provide care and support to over 1,400 people every year in North East Worcestershire. This simply wouldn’t be possible without our ‘Primrose People’.

From every volunteer, patient, staff member and fundraiser, everyone plays a vital part in ensuring Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre can continue to provide the free and vital support to our community in their time of need.

As Steffi was covering a maternity cover post, we are now looking for a new Supporter Care Administrator to join our fundraising team. Could this be you?

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