Children’s books dealing with death and bereavement

CHILDREN’S books dealing with death and bereavement can be a good way to explain difficult concepts to young people.

This week is Children’s Grief Awareness Week which has the themes ‘Isolation’ and ‘Say The Words’.

The aim of the week is to highlight the isolation bereaved children and young people have been feeling because of the Covid-19 pandemic and also encourage them to speak up, even if they don’t know what to say.

As parents or carers, it can also be difficult to find the words to explain grief, death and bereavement to children and young people.

Our Children’s Team have suggested some great children’s books dealing with death and bereavement:

When Dinosaurs Die


‘A comprehensive sensitive guide for families dealing with the loss of loved ones, When Dinosaurs Die helps readers understand what death means, and how best to cope with their feelings’

Saying Goodbye to Hare

‘A beautifully illustrated story for children aged 5-9 years about young Rabbit who witnesses the life, illness and death of his dear friend Hare. The story is full of honesty and warmth and explores some of the feelings and questions children have at this time.’



‘A pet . . . a friend . . . or a relative dies, and it must be explained to a child. This sensitive book is a useful tool in explaining to children that death is a part of life and that, eventually, all living things reach the end of their own special lifetimes’

The Children and Young People’s team have also suggested a few more book which can help when someone in the family is ill or not expected to live

The invisible string

‘An under-the-radar bestseller that has helped countless readers of all ages across the world cope with separation anxiety, loss, loneliness, and grief–now available in paperback and re-illustrated for a new generation of readers.’


The Secret C


‘A non-fiction introduction to cancer treatment and possible outcome for children 4-11 years.’


When someone has a very serious illness

‘A workbook to help children deal with feelings about serious illness. An excellent resource for helping children learn the basic concepts of illness and various age-appropriate ways of coping with someone else’s illness.’


If you know a child or young person living in north east Worcestershire that needs help coping with bereavement then please contact the Children’s and Young People team on 01527 889799. For more information on our Referral Process, click here.