Alan Haden

A man stood in a beige fleece in the Primrose Hospice garden

Alan moved to Bromsgrove over 30 years ago and soon became aware of the hugely important part Primrose plays in the local community. His wife became a volunteer here and assisted in many ways over the years and even appeared in the local press for work she was doing for Primrose!

It was then, perhaps, somewhat ironic that she was subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer and herself was assisted hugely by Primrose. Contrary to common views, a hospice isn’t somewhere you go to die. It’s very much the opposite, the amazing staff make the most of each day my wife attended. You go there to live. 

Ultimately, Alan’s wife passed away at a relatively young age. He was retired following a career as an insolvency practitioner, which is somewhere between accountancy and law, dealing with financially challenged businesses. Having been able to experience, via my wife, the complete range of services and help Primrose provide, and having time on his hands, it made absolute sense to seek to employ some of my skills picked up in challenging situations and put them to good use here. “I am very pleased I did and I know my wife would approve!”

Additionally, a lot of his time is spent performing his hobby – photography. His is a member of two local clubs and have been involved as both Chairman and also on the Committee. He has a young boxer dog which keeps me fit and active! 

“It is an honour to be asked to join the Board of Trustees and I would highly recommend you yourself consider giving a little of your time to volunteer. My story proves you never know whether you might just one day need the services and support Primrose can provide. Primrose will only continue to be here with support from the very generous community which it serves.”

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