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Dear Reader,

I’m excited to welcome you to the all-new Primrose Blog, the latest feature on the Primrose website!

At Primrose we understand that life-limiting illnesses and bereavement are very hard. There’s a lot of information and support available out there but when times are difficult putting your hand on what you need can be a challenge in itself.

The Primrose Blog aims to help those living with a life-limiting illness, as well as individuals and families experiencing pre and post bereavement, providing them with extra tools and knowledge to work through difficult times. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to explore the Hospice, its staff and demystify the day-to-day support given by Primrose Hospice.

Sarah McDowall, Marketing & Communications Officer at Primrose Hospice, (1) shares her enthusiasm about some of the topics we’ll be discussing; “The Primrose Blog has been an idea in the pipeline for a long time.  I am looking forward to seeing it come together as a useful resource that our patients, families and communities can come back to time after time, especially when they feel like they need extra support.

We know how positive and friendly Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre is and we’re excited to create a platform and resource where we can showcase the Hospice and everyone who makes up our team of Primrose People.

We often refer to the Hospice as being like a fire extinguisher, ‘It sits on the wall, hoping not to be needed but if you do, you know it’s there ready and waiting for you.’ The Primrose Blog is going to be another way you can learn about the vital care and support we offer, so that if you do need our services, you know how to make a referral and are reassured as to what to expect.

We’d love to collaborate with healthcare professionals, historians, local experts, or any of our community who have experienced Primrose Hospice’s support services, so if you are interested in contributing to our blog please do get in touch.”

Throughout The Primrose Blog we’ll be discussing a variety of topics including:

  • Coping with bereavement at significant times of the year
  • A better understanding of hospice and palliative care
  • What can Primrose Hospice offer you?
  • As a teaser, something we’ll be working on throughout 2024 is a comprehensive history of Primrose Hospice that we’re looking forward to sharing with the community.
  • And much more!

Tune in regularly to catch up on the latest discussion. In keeping with the festive season, our first article, Bereavement at Christmas, explores the extra challenges faced by bereaved individuals at Christmas, along with some coping strategies and additional help. We also had the opportunity to sit down and chat with some members of the Primrose Family Support Team to get their expert insight into coping at Christmas.

We’d love to hear your feedback so don’t forget to like, share and comment on our content so we know what topics mean the most to you.

Happy reading!

Josh Davies

Volunteer Author at Primrose Hospice


  • Sarah McDowall (Marketing & Communications Officer), Primrose Hospice. Pers. Comm.

by Josh Davies

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Published 20.12.23