London Marathon runners raising hospice funds

In April, 53,000 people completed the iconic London Marathon. Amongst them were five brave local runners who fundraised for Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre.

Together they raised an incredible £16,373 for the local hospice, ensuring more patients and families can be supported in the future.

Michael Leech who ran the London Marathon in memory of his Dad said: I went and watched my mate’s run London last year, and although it was really inspiring, I didn’t have a desire to run it in 2024. I wasn’t a runner and the thought of doing 5K was daunting.

It was an impulsive decision about a week later which made me sign up to the ballot. When I informed my family that I’d signed up, my Dad, Mark Leech (former trustee) said I should take oneA man in his 20's running the London Marathon of the Primrose’s spots.

I panicked and asked nervously – ‘can’t I wait to see if I get a ballot spot first?’

‘No, just do it for the Primrose’ was his response.

So, it was all decided fairly quickly and it was solely down to my Dad’s forthrightness.

From then on until October 2023 I was running 2-3 x a week. I found it transformative. I got really hooked on it and started to feel much fitter and healthier.

And then on the 12th October, Dad suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. My whole world was turned upside down and in those early days it was running and the thought of the marathon that got me through it.

I’m thankful that my Dad has given me something I now have a true passion for. Something that has given me purpose and a newfound confidence in myself.

And the fact that 6 months after he passed away, I ran the marathon in his memory, on behalf of a charity that he was so passionate about, a charity that mirrors all the amazing things about him- compassion and community, it still blows my mind a little.

I feel genuinely honoured to have run it for Primrose and to have raised over £5,000 was something I never envisaged. I’m so grateful for people’s generosity!

The race itself was such a mixture of emotions but I felt my Dad with me throughout. Seeing my Mum, Sister and mates at different points around the course was the highlight, even though I could barely lift my head up towards the end!

London really shows up for the marathon and I think it brings out the best in people.

I’m proud to have posted 3:50:50 in my first attempt and can’t wait to keep chipping away at that time over the coming years! Berlin next, maybe?”

The money our London Marathon runners have raised could pay to keep the Primrose Hospice doors open for over 10 days, meaning more patients and families can be offered life-changing support.

Gabrielle Haines, Fundraiser at Primrose Hospice, who also ran the London Marathon said: “All of us at Primrose Hospice are so grateful to Michael and all our runners who dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to train for the marathon.

The donations raised through this event will allow us to support patients and families through what may be the most difficult time in their lives. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our runners.”

A photo collage of the supporters who completed the London Marathon in aid of Primrose Hospice.

We need to raise £1.95 million every year to provide our care and support for free to those who need them, so events like the London Marathon are vital for us to be able to keep supporting our community.   

If you’ve been inspired to run for Primrose, they have charity places available for various running events throughout the year so if you are interested contact their fundraising team to find out more: 01527 889796.

Find out more about our events here.