Can you buy nothing new, for just one month?

Join us to help Save the Planet with #Buynothingnewmonth

This January we’re encouraging our supporters to make a New Year resolution to protect the planet by curbing their spending and making the most of things they already have by taking part in #Buynothingnewmonth.

Keep Britain Tidy’s Buy Nothing New Month campaign (January 1 to 31) reinforces the message that other avenues should come ahead of recycling, including buying preloved items instead of new, reducing what we buy overall, donating things we no longer need and making use of the things we already have, through repairing, upcycling, reusing, and sharing – all of which can save our pennies.

It comes after a YouGov poll for the charity Keep Britain Tidy found 85% of people mistakenly believe that recycling is a form of waste prevention, and that 68% of UK adults mistakenly believe recycling is the best thing they can do to reduce the environmental impact of the things they buy.

We are supporting the Buy Nothing New Month in a bid to encourage supporters and volunteers to live more sustainably and consider their effects of their spending habits on the planet.

Primrose Hospice’s Chief Executive Officer David Burrell said: “Primrose Hospice and Family Support Centre has made a pledgeDavid Burrell, CEO of Primrose Hospice stood in the Hospice garden to “net zero” by 2050. We take this pledge very seriously and, whilst 2050 seems a long way away, we have already taken significant steps.

“During 2023 we have moved to generating electricity on site from solar panels and switched our electricity contract to a green tariff. This means all our electricity is now generated by wind or solar.

“During 2024, we will move to alternative heating from sustainable sources, significantly reducing our use of gas. We have increased our recycling and reduced our use of disposable items and harmful chemicals. We take our responsibilities seriously and will ensure we play our part in saving the planet whenever possible.” 

Now in its second year, Buy Nothing New Month takes place from 1 to 31 January 2024. 65% of participants last year managed to buy nothing new for a whole month!

During the campaign Primrose Hospice & Keep Britain Tidy will be showing people how buying preloved items can benefit their wallet and the planet, as well as asking people to donate their good quality unwanted items to its shops, instead of leaving them destined for landfill.

People who want to take part can receive weekly e-mails containing handy tips, and a free digital free resources pack by registering with Keep Britain Tidy here.

Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton OBE said: “We’re delighted to have the support of Primrose Hospice as we tackle the impact of our consumer behaviour on the planet.

“We hope that people will see the value of buying preloved items instead of buying new, which has a much higher carbon footprint on the planet, with the added benefit of saving money at the same time.

“We’re looking forward to supporting Primrose Hospice supporters with tips on how to reduce their waste during Buy Nothing New Month and beyond.”

Primrose Hospice’s Retail Manager, Ian McRoy said:We encourage our community to donate items to our charity shops all yearIan McRoy, Retail Manager of Primrose Hospice stood in the Hospice garden round. However, the #buynothingnewmonth campaign is a fantastic opportunity to really highlight buying second hand and how supporting your local charity shops can, not only benefit the planet, but also help us to continue providing our vital care and support.

“It costs Primrose Hospice & Family Support Centre £1.95 million every year to keep our doors open and our charity shops provide a significant portion of that funding, so it’s really important that our community continue to support us throughout the year.”

Buy Nothing New Month is managed by Keep Britain Tidy and made possible thanks to the support of Players of People’s Postcode Lottery and its partner Olio, a local sharing app where people can find and share items with others nearby.

Find out more about our shops and how you can donate your items here.

Published: 02.01.23