Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights are back in Finstall

CHRISTMAS lights have come back out of retirement for a couple who appeared on a Channel 5 festive show.

Wendy and Malcolm ‘Molly’ Molloy had packed away the festive Christmas lights due to family commitments after many years raising money for charities.

However, once again they they have been tempted to get the boxes of lights back out of storage and decorate their home at 22 Alcester Road, Finstall, Bromsgrove.

Last year, the couple appeared on Channel 5’s Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights.

This year, the couple have kindly decided to fundraise for Primrose Hospice and hope to reach their target through JustGiving and a special post box outside their home.


Last year, Mr Molloy said: “We had both retired the festive lights but with the television show prompt we have thrown out the gauntlet and gone for broke.

“We thought that we could take advantage and raise funds for Primrose as its well-recognised and needs funds.

“We ran out and bought more lights, set up just for giving page and Wendy also picked up a Santa’s Post Box for the cash donations.”

This year, they have asked people respect social distancing and government rules when they come to see the lights.

Six weeks

The couple said that with all the charity work they’ve been involved with they’ve raise about £100,000 as a team effort over the last 30 years.

It has taken about six weeks to get all the decorations in place as the couple like to do a little bit each week to keep the children guessing about what is new.

However, there is always a challenge with lights blowing a fuse after rain had leaked into one of the boxes.

Even with the bad weather, in 2019 the couple are visited by around 50 to 200 people each night when the lights are switched on from 4.30pm to 12am.


Mr Molloy explained: “Sometimes they are queuing up and down the road.

“I remember the first time we did the lights and people pulled on the drive I said ‘We’ve got visitors’.

“I popped down and thought I didn’t recognise them.

“Little did I know they were looking at the lights.

“It’s always brilliant to speak to people but even though the weather has not been good they always get a good reception, and everyone has been telling us they have missed the full display.”

To donate to the Molloy’s Christmas lights, click here.