Pounds for Primrose

Virtual Event

Donate to Pounds for Primrose and help support your local hospice. It’s a piece of cake (or a tank of petrol)!

Primrose Hospice is asking people now working from home to donate what they would have spent on either commuting, lunchtime treats or takeout coffee to help them during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The money will help the hospice to continue to provide care and support to people with life-limiting conditions, their families as well as bereaved adults and children.

We are aiming to raise £15,000 which would pay to keep us operating for one week.

Like everyone, we at Primrose are facing challenges with the way we provide our care and how we continue to fundraise.

We have seen fundraising events postponed and cancelled as people, quite rightly, take the correct measures to protect themselves and their community.

We have also had to react and have a dynamic plan to make sure our services, which are free to patients and families, can continue to be delivered.

However, we still need to fund this care and are expected to raise just under £1.5million independently annually.

Donate what you save from working at home, help your local hospice and feel happy in the knowledge you have helped someone in your community.

Thank you.

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