Gift Aid Appeal 17 February 2017

The Primrose Hospice needs your help!

We have launched a gift aid appeal and have sent a letter to each supporter that has made a donation to us over the past four years, but has not signed a gift aid declaration.

A moment of your time could help us claim back an extra 25p from the UK Government for every pound that has been donated.

Community Fundraising Manager, Emma Williams said: "We have received to date £402,505 worth of donations without a completed gift aid declaration. If every one of those 1930 supporters returned their gift aid form then we could potentially claim back £100,626.25 without any extra cost to our supporters.

"This huge amount of money could be used for us to continue to provide care for the people of North East Worcestershire and their families, when they need us the most. We only receive 16.4% of our costs from the NHS and the rest comes from you, our supporters.

"So please, if you spot a letter from us in the post, don’t delay, tick the boxes and sign the form and send it back to us in the SAE provided and help us make a difference to our patients and their families."